A Growing Crisis

There is a national foster care crisis: more and more at-risk children are being placed in the foster care system, and there aren’t enough families to care for them.

Every year, thousands of children are removed from their homes because of neglect, trauma, abuse, or drug exposure. In recent years, the number of children who have entered the foster care system nationwide has only increased, due in large part to the growing opioid crisis. These children need safe, loving homes, but there is a shortage of foster families able to care for them. That shortage means that too many of these children—ranging from newborn to eighteen years old—spend days, months, or years in overcrowded group homes and temporary shelters. These kids are already fighting an uphill battle for necessities, and the lack of a safe, loving home only makes it worse. The foster care crisis can’t be fixed overnight. But one practical way to help is to increase the number of families who can care for these children. To do that we need more foster and adoption agencies recruiting and supporting more foster families.

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